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No post last Thursday, Friday and Monday, what happened? Did we try a strike (not at bowling, like on the pic above) to see how a 4 days WE looks like?

Nothing of this kind really: Alfonso and I just got insanely busy. Sorry for this.

Two things nonetheless sprung to mind in the past days:

1. Old (students) habits die hard. At a conference last week, I drove the competition John Turturo mad. I was chatting with my assistants in the back of the room, essentially commenting on speeches. He was working.  He did not like it. Misbehavior from me. Am truly sorry.

2. DG COMP’s webpage on cooperation with national courts contains a wealth of relevant information on Article 15(1) and 15(3) of Regulation 1, i.e.  requests for information or for an opinion + amicus curiae. It is very unfortunate, however, that this webpage is not translated in EU languages other than English. I can see the point of using English as the competition esperanto in Brussels, but when it comes to national courts seeking online information on what they can do, it would help to provide translation.

Written by Nicolas Petit

14 February 2012 at 10:56 pm

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