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It all started with endives.

#endives became a trending topic on this blog. However, after two posts (here and here) we decided that we should prevent endives from turning from a hot topic into a reheated topic. Therefore, we decided to put endives and other gastronomic topics in the fridge for a while.

Then the French sanctioned flour makers in an unsuccesful attempt to lead us to write about croissants. We kept our position: if you want to make headlines on Chillin’Competition, you’ll have to do butter, we said.

The French then brought their big guns out. It has been reported that President Sarkozy attended the presidential debate with one main goal: appear on Chillin’ Competition. And he made it. We did yield to the temptation of posting the video in which he explains the difference between endives and apples Apple and Microsoft (this useful explanation prompted some of our readers to stop wrapping their iPods in ham). Yes we were weak, but the temptation to comment on Sarkozy-sponsored cartels was irresistible.

We saw that post as a last exception; we decided to follow a diet and agreed that there’d be no more food on the blog, at least until the summer was over. “I need to be bikini ready” said Nicolas. I also thought that a strict no-food rule was necessary, particulary since Hump-Pilates  (incredible video…) doesn’t work well for us. We’ll start next Monday, we said.

And now, come Monday, here are the suggested courses topics that we get from our readers:

The Autorité de la Concurrence fines dog and cat food makers € 35 million.

The Autorité de la Concurrence investigates yogurt producers.

Korea Curbs Noodle Cartel.

We have to acknowledge our respect for this multi-jurisdictional multi-product strategy to deviate us from our diet. They’ve managed to make it to the blog again. But seriously, we solemnly promise to forget about food:

As God is our witness, we’ll never be hungry food-obsessed again!

We’ll start our diet…next Monday?

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

26 March 2012 at 12:01 pm

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