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Beyond Endives

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As most readers know, Alfonso has been gung ho about endives.

On pain of breaking the anti-food fatwa enunciated yesterday by my learned co-blogger, I must report today the ultimate case in this series of post.

Earlier in the month, the Belgian competition prosecutor issued the equivalent of a SO in a case concerning a “salad” of unlawful exchanges of information. Please tighten your seatbelt. The practices under investigation cover:

  • Candies, including possibly chocolate;
  • Ice-cream;
  • Sauces (BBQ season is coming);
  • Veggie and other stocks;
  • Pet food…

Clearly, the scope of this investigation goes beyond anything reported earlier on this blog.

Thanks to Aoife White (Bloomberg) for the pointer.

One last thing: given my co-blogger’s obsessive focus on food, I suggest that, for our next quizz, chief Alfonso cooks an antitrust dinner to the winner, where endives will be served with flour and BBQ sauce.

Written by Nicolas Petit

27 March 2012 at 7:15 am

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