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The Fastest Antitrust Expert Award

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[If you’re reading this, it means that the above pic of Robocop Nicolas hasn’t scared you off, in which case you’ve earned my respect]

A few posts ago we referred to the proliferation of awards in the competition law world and we created what we referred to as the “first objective legal competition”: the Fastest Antitrust Expert Award. The idea was to give the award to the competition law expert who could run the Brussels 20k faster. We said that we would both participate. Nicolas did and I didn’t (a few days before I was told not to because I seem to have a herniated disc, a.k.a. a very convenient excuse, so I followed the maxim “when in doubt, chicken out“).

A bunch of you ran too. Some of you (mainly our friends who wanted to show off)  have been kind enough to send their times. The contest is still open: you have until Friday to submit your results.  The provisional semi-finalist readers/runners are the following:

1) Mark English (Shearman & Sterling):  1h 39′ 21” (it was about time that Mark earned a reputation for something other than endive bashing).

2) Nicolas Petit (Chillin’ Competition): 1h 42′ 02” (actually, there’s another (?) Nicolas Petit who apparently did not finish the race  -see here ChronoRace20k-; who’s who?).

3) José Enrique Elías (Chief Economist Team): 1h 44′ 12′. We are told that José Enrique ran fast because he was being chased by some violent ordoliberals who were throwing stones at him.

4) Napoleón Ruiz (Garrigues): 1h 48′ 39”. Napoleón was, in fact, one of the ordoliberals throwing stones at José Enrique.

We are also told that Philip Lowe (former Director General at DG Comp, now Director General for Energy) did 1h 42′ 30” and that G.J. Koopman (Deputy Director General for State Aid) did 1h 49′ 27”. Very impressive.

Congrats to all others who took part in the race, and especially to those who signed up by commenting on the previous post, namely Philip Werner, Sandy Tsakiridi, Montse Adam and M. Fevzi Toksoy.

Once again: this post serves not only as a provisional set of results but also as a final call for any other readers to submit their times.  We will publish a definitive list – and announce the winner of the coveted Friday slot and Li-ning shoes – in the coming days. So, who beats Mark English?

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

29 May 2012 at 11:42 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Was it intentional that Nicolas finished in precisely 102 minutes? That’s what I call dedication to your work.

    Sean Mernagh

    30 May 2012 at 10:50 am

  2. I reckon DG Competition staff may take Gold, Silver and Bronze this time:
    Karl Soukup, 1.27.10
    Martin Loeffler, 1.22.28
    and out in front by just two minutes, Blaz Visnar, 1.19.22.

    A Nony Mouse

    30 May 2012 at 6:59 pm

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