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Conference – EU Competition Law and Financial Markets

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On 22 November 2012, the Brussels School of Competition (BSC) and the Liege Competition and Innovation Institute (LCII) will hold in Brussels a joint conference on Competition Law and Financial Markets.

Issues covered span the emerging role of competition law amidst large scale price fixing allegations in the financial industry, open and fair access to financial infrastructure, competition in credit rating services, the trade-off between competition enforcement and financial stability, the impact of prudential rules, etc.

No State aid on the menu, there’s been far too many events devoted to this topic in recent months.

To discuss those issues, we have invited a range of triple A experts, including EU Commission and ECB officials, industry representatives, lawyers as well as leading academics.

More info on the programme can be found here. The registration form is accessible via this hyperlink.

Written by Nicolas Petit

11 September 2012 at 5:33 pm