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How to work less: Chillin’ Competition´s Ménages à Trois

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We are starting off a new section at Chillin’Competition called “Ménage à Trois”.

Readers of this blog know that I have a tendency not to over-criticize the European Commission. This doesn’t however blind me;  anyone familiar with the permanent revolution suffered by EU competition law in recent years will find a common denominator in all major policy reforms in which the Commission has embarked: they were all aimed at working less under the pretext of refocusing  (think about 1/2003; the State aid action plan, the Guidance paper on Art. 102, etc)      🙂

Nicolas and myself have decided to follow the Commission’s lazy wise approach to policy reforms:

We  have realized that we often can’t find the time to timely report to you the most interesting aspects of case-law developments. Also, we tend to give you our personal views on issues, which by definition are subjective and incomplete. So we asked ourselves (i) how can we follow case-law developments more closely and give readers subjective yet balanced opinions?; and (ii) how can we do that by working less? (i.e. what would the Commission do?)

So here’s the plan: each time a relevant development takes place we will contact three people. The idea is for one of them to write a post on the development at issue. Instead of publishing the post right away, we will circulate it among the three experts, who will then discuss it by email (Nico and I may intervene as well). We will then post on the blog the  original post together with the trilateral debate that it may have given rise to.

We welcome applications for experts who wish to be contacted, as well as suggestions for possible topics.  We also want to profit from this new section to bring younger lawyers or academics to the sporlight and to have the minteract with other established heavy weights.

Our first ménage à trois will deal with last week’s Judgment in the Greek Lignite case (concerning the inteface between Arts. 106 and 102 TFUE). Our three inaugural guests will be three good friends of this blog: two of them (Makis Komninos -White&Case- and Marixenia Davilla -Shearman&Sterling- were actually involved in the case (on the winning side) and the third (José Luis Buendía -Garrigues-) is the author of the bible on Article 106 (of which a new edition is on the pipeline).

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26 September 2012 at 12:19 pm

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