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Chillin’Competition turns 3

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It’s Chillin’Competition’s birthday today.

It was on 20 October 2009 that Nicolas announced announced to the world that this blog was up and running. We’re thrilled about how this project has progressed since then. As of today, Chillin’Competition has had 368,000 visits and features 639 posts (!)  376 of you are suscribed to it through our homepage, and the LinkedIn group has 817 members.

But we can do much better. You guys are pretty sophisticated and heterogeneous readers, and it’s quite a challenge to provide you with ideas that most of you might find insightful or funny or cheeky or just a bit different from the tons of antitrust-related news that you get everyday. Actually, voicing out opinions in public every single day is in general risky, for as the wise aphorism states “it’s better to be silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”…  The past few months have moreover been particularly busy on our side (as anything liable of getting worse, this will too), and whereas our sector provides plenty of stuff that is interesting or absurd (the kind of material that we like here), we may sometimes lack the time to identify it and process it quickly, for which we apologize in advance. We are quite aware that we don’t operate under public service obligations, but we aspire to do better; if it’s not too much to ask for, we’d love to have more feedback from you on what it is that we can improve.

In the past year we started the quite successful “Friday Slot” section and we provided you with some food for thought (notably endives). In the coming months we’ll bring some other new sections which we hope will improve the quality of the blog. We also intend to bring the blog closer to international enforcers and in-house lawyers and to enhance the visibility of younger associates. We should also organize the Chillin’Competition conference soon (which we have been announcing for almost the 3 years this has been alive…).

We aspire not to take this stuff too seriously and to keep having fun while we do it.

Thanks so much!

Nicolas & Alfonso

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

20 October 2012 at 8:07 pm

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