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On the road again

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Yesterday again, I found myself pondering: how did I get so busy?

Sure, my lawyer friends would find my schedule laughable. And a bunch of them have actually told me they envy my freedom, and the time I spend abroad.

Yet, all the commuting my activities involve is beyond reason. Take a look:

  • Monday: Paris, Brussels, Liege, Brussels (roughly 600 kms)
  • Tuesday: Brussels, Lille, Brussels (approx. 300 kms)
  • Wednesday: Brussels, Liege, Brussels (approx. 220 kms)
  • Thursday: Brussels, Luxemburg, Brussels (approx. 420 kms)
  • Today: Brussels, Liege, Brussels (approx. 220 kms)

All this by car, of course, meaning that I have (i) spent a fortune in oil; (ii) significantly harmed the environment; and (iii) been away from my computer for long hours (this is the excuse for the low posting frequency lately).

Sandwiched into those insane hours on the road, I have had to teach for 15 hours,  to deal with a raft of organisational issues (we have a conference on antitrust fines on Monday), and to prepare a talk on the June Microsoft compliance case (I attach the presentation at the end of this post).

The bottom-line: some days I happen to dream about a teaching position in Brussels.

Présentation – Microsoft Compliance Case – EIPA Annual Conference

Written by Nicolas Petit

30 November 2012 at 8:08 am

Posted in Life at University

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  1. I sure it’s an impolite anglophone request, but I’d be interested in the presentation in English.

    Adam Miller

    30 November 2012 at 8:09 pm

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