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Chimerical Remedies

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Last week-end, I watched “Inception” again. This is a terrific movie.

And it has an antitrust angle. The story is about a dominant energy conglomerate (Fischer industries if my recollections are correct).

And this dominant firm threatens to eliminate its main rival from the market.

The later thus hire someone to implant into the subconcsious of the heir of Fischer industries’ CEO the idea of disintegrating his father’s company (the father passes away in the beginning of the movie).

Now, the antitrust geek that sleeps in me cannot help but thinking that in XXVth century competition law, agencies will use this form of remedial intervention as an alternative/supporting device to conventional divestiture orders.

And surely XXVth century lawyers will look for a concept to denote for this new type of remedies. I’ll likely be dead and this blog will no longer exist (yet who knows?), but here’s my early take: why not talk of “chimerical remedies“, besides structural and behavioral remedies.

An alternative would be “Freudian remedies”.

If you have other ideas, please comment on this post.

Written by Nicolas Petit

18 December 2012 at 5:19 pm

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