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Competition law blogs are mushrooming. This means that Chillin’Competition is now subject to intense competitive pressure, and that Lindsey McSweeny will start having problems to pick the monthly posts for CPI’s Blogs o’ Blogs.

Some of you might remember that when Nico falsely announced that we were done with Chillin’Competition a new blog called Chilled Competition was rapidly created. Its first (and only) post was entitled “Low barriers to entry”. And it was very right: ayone can enter this market; in fact, as you will see below there are already a few entrants challenging incumbents.

Kartellblog. We have the intuition that it’s a great blog. Unfortunately we cannot confirm it because neither of us can read German…

Prof. Sokol’s blog: The best source of information for new antitrust-related publications. We don’t know how he does it, but he finds out about almost anything that is published.

The Antitrust Hotch Potch. As you know, prior to starting Chillin’Competition Nicolas used to run the Antitrust Hotch Potch with Damien Geradin. Damien kept the blog and the trademark and has since then re-started it (about 3-4 times in the past few months) ūüėȬ†Damien has an admirable ability to surround himself with smart people (like Nico back in the day) and this time he has been joined by young Covington associates, namely John Wileur, Christos Malamataris and Jennifer Boudet. It’s a great initiative, so good luck!¬†We will be happy to generate some debate with them (a piece of humble advice: in our experience it’s important to identify¬†the person writing¬†each post!).

Kluwer Competition Law Blog. This one features very good stuff. It currently has more than 20 co-authors (including people who we know well and like, such as Thomas, Damien, Jos√©, Gavin….¬†). In spite of the different styles it generally features very interesting stuff. The only thing we miss is more regular updates.

Competition Bulletin. Written by 10 authors (Blackstone Chambers barristers + Oke Odudu) this blog features very interesting stuff, notably on UK competition law. I should have mentioned them here before (my apologies for the delay).

Truthonthemarket. It not only covers antitrust issues, but also wider economic or IP-related issues. Its posts are always timely and insightful.

Derechomercantilespana. Written by Jes√ļs Alfaro, who does an amazing job covering all sorts of corporate and¬†competition related development several times¬†a day. How he¬†gets the time is beyond me.¬†The content ranges from a Judgment by¬†a lower Court in a¬†tiny village in Spain, to comments on EU¬†to good music¬†¬†Non-spanish speakers won’t be able to enjoy it though.

– There are also a handful of blogs covering jurisdictions other than the US and the EU.¬†¬†Har√ľn G√ľnd√ľz once asked us to help advertise TurkishCompetitiionBulletin (well done!). Lalibrecompetencia is an excellent source of info on Latin American issues.

Chillin’Competition: Written by two freak weirdows. One is a University Professor who spends his life in a car and likes to have his pic on his browser’s address bar. The other is a¬†lawyer who somehow tricked¬†his firm into letting him¬†spread nonsense in the public domain.¬†We frankly would not recommend you to ever read it. For each decent post they write there are¬†dozens of nonsensical ones.

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

20 December 2012 at 12:43 pm