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Yesterday, one of my LL.M students made the buzz in French press.

President Hollande was apparently in Dijon to deliver a speech on new government-sponsored traineeships for young people without a degree.

Louis Godart, currently enrolled in our ULg LL.M, was in Dijon too.

He managed to hand in his CV to Hollande, and urged him to also help students with a degree, who too face hurdles on the labour market.

For more, see here.

A hat tip to Louis for his brave move. We don’t teach martial arts to our students – shall we? – so I am very curious to learn how he managed to make it through Hollande’s muscle men.

Louis also made a clever move. After all, in a country like France where Governement is omnipresent, the best mailbox to post a job application is that of the President, not that of the private sector.

Finally, a big thank you to Louis for the unexpected publicity for our ULg LL.M. On this, I must stress that the programme keeps improving. We have this year a group of 25 very motivated students, who come from all over Europe. And we’ll soon be appointing a new Professor in IP and innovation law (for the call for applications (in French), see link below;  If anyone’s interested by this, pls drop a line).

Vacance – Charge de cours – Droit de l’innovation et de la PI

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

13 March 2013 at 7:49 am

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