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It’s all about the money

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Competition conference organisers are yield management experts.

Take a look: if you register now for GCR’s next telco, media and tech conference due on 2 July, you will benefit from a  “super early booking rate” of £650.00!

You read well: £650.00 for a one day conference in one of the cheapest cities of Europe, London.

Sure, the programme mentions no such thing at this stage – I guess it is still too “super early” in GCR’s language – but you  may even get a free coffee/meal and a bunch of great GCR brochures for this price. Wow!

In contrast, GCR seems less familiar with the output-enhancing effect of  third degree price discrimination. Take a look:

Registration type Super early booking rates:
Standard £650.00
In-house Counsel/
Government Agency

There are no categories for “academics“, let alone “students”. Sheeze.

Maybe it’s just that the event has no academic ambition, as the list of stakeholders speakers suggests.

After all, it’s all bout the business. And Chinese-speaking academics do not write on those issues: #1; #2; #3; #4; #5; #6.

PS: Kaï-Uwe Kuhn is presented as CRA. Did he quit the CET yet?

PS2: If agencies seek a target for excessive pricing investigations, they should sure throw an eye on the lucrative conference business.

Written by Nicolas Petit

12 April 2013 at 11:40 am

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