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Just Married

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Alfonso y lali

Important message to all Chillin’Competition groupies:

Alfonso just exited the market.

He and Lali signed a very long term contract this week end in Reinosa, which includes exclusivity provisions, joint production, infrastructure sharing, information exchanges, financial integration, etc.

This alliance is welfare-enhancing. I can personally testify that a gargantuesque wealth of  cheese, jamon and wine resources was put on table this week-end.

But what this pact first and foremost generates are non-economic efficiencies.

There is a lot of love, true, genuine, sheer love between the two parties (and amongst their families and friends).

Congratulations to Alfie (my co-blogger’s nickname) and Lali.

And a huge, enormous thank you for the amazing ‘turnkey‘ wedding.

Written by Nicolas Petit

22 July 2013 at 1:42 pm

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