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Appointments at the head of the new Belgian NCA are ongoing.

The following people are in the cards (subject to approval by the Council of Ministers this week):

President: Jacques Steenbergen

General Prosecutor: Véronique Thirion

Chief Economist: Alexis Walckiers

Chief of Legal Affairs: Joachim Marchandise

This means that no former official of the Belgian Competition Council will seat on top of the new agency.

But two incumbents from the Directorate General, Jacques Steenbergen and Alexis Walckiers, will take key positions in the agency.

The new kids on the block are  Joachim Marchandise and Véronique Thirion.

Joachim is a very skilled practitioner who used to work as an associate for the Brussels office of Linklaters.

We do not know Ms. Thirion who is poised to occupy the critical function of General Prosecutor. For more on her background, see here.

Written by Nicolas Petit

25 July 2013 at 7:00 am

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