Relaxing whilst doing Competition Law is not an Oxymoron

A light post for a Friday

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– The Berlaymonster has a great post on one of the most transcendental EU Court Judgments in recent years; see here (the pic above is taken from the actual Judgment). The post includes the following “transcript” of a recent conversation among General Court judges, allegedly overheard in the Court’s canteen:

J1: So, what do you have this morning?

J2: A couple of Ukrainian oligarchs’ frozen assets and the legality of bankers’ bonus caps. You?

J1: Me? I have a billion-euro cartel fine on a handful of Fortune 500 blue-chip companies and a spot of precedent-setting in immigrant-workers’ rights. What about you?

J3: OH, not much…

J2: No, go on, what you got?

J3: …….not saying

J1: Tell us.

J3: N…

J1: You know we can find out, yeah?

J3: ……….. biscuits.

J1: What?

J3: …. [*mutters*] I have to decide whether a chocolate-chip biscuit with a chocolate layer on the inside is a unique design.

J2: Well that’s… that’s…

J1: Good for you.

J2: Yeah ….. good for you.

J1&J2: [*exit left, sniggering*]


–  A few days ago NewsCorp published an open letter to the European Commission asking it to intervene against Google.  Google has now responded to the arguments in the letter on a post published in its blog. Click here to read Dear Rupert.  It  does make for quite a good read.

– Following the nomination of Commissioner-to-be Vestager  many people have started to develop an interest in the Nordic approach to competition law. Should that be your case, you should check out the Nordic Competition Blog.  This is a new and very welcome addition to the competition la blogosphere. Good luck to Simen Klevstrand (Wikborg Rein, Norway), Grant McKelvey (Vinge, Sweden), Matti Huhtamäki (Peltonen LMR Attorneys, Finland) and Michael Klöcker (Gorrissen Federspiel, Denmark).

– The call for papers for San Pablo CEU University’s International Conference on Cartels has been extended until next Tuesday, 30 September (for more info, click here: Call for PapersThe Fight Against Hard Core Cartelsv2). My colleague Ana Balcells will present there our recent paper on evidential issues.

– The new issue of Competition Law Review is out; all its articles can be downloaded for free here.

Enjoy the weekend!

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

26 September 2014 at 12:17 pm

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