Relaxing whilst doing Competition Law is not an Oxymoron

(Already) Failed New Year’s Resolutions

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I’m writing this short post just to make sure that Pablo doesn’t publish his 7th straight one, which would match my record of posts by the same author (he really does keep track of these things…).

My absence from the blog these past few weeks days is explained mainly by me being swamped with all sorts of possible things at work, including quite a few new and most interesting Court and Commission cases, some of which may be worth commenting on here at some point. Given that I was already foreseeing some of this could happen, I made a new year’s resolution: say no to any invitation I received to speak at least until my annual lecture at the Brussels School of Competition in mid-March.

Well, only two weeks into the New Year, this is how my non-billable  speaking calendar for that period is looking (just in case it isn’t clear, what comes below is self advertising events you may be interested in).

  • Yesterday I lectured on cartels at LSE. Glad I did it, also for the great burger with Pablo at Fiveguys;
  • On January 26th I’ll be speaking on platform regulation (yes, again) at the European Parliament at a dinner debate organized by the European Internet Forum.
  • On the January 29th I will participate at a seminar in Madrid (more info on this soon), discussing issues related to the notion of “single and continuous infringement” in cartel cases with Viktor Bottka (Commission’s Legal Service) and Santiago Soldevila (former General Court Judge, now at the Spanish Court of Appeal). If interested in attending, you can drop me a line.
  • On February 2nd I will be making comments about the notion of restriction of competition at the Global Competition Law Centre’s annual conference in Brussels. Pablo and I are likely to write a joint piece on the subject soon. Btw, if you haven’t done so yet, you should register to this one; the programme is truly excellent.
  • On February 19th I’ll be taking part in another Madrid seminar coordinated by Cecilio Madero, Nick Banasevic and Milan Kristof (programme to be published here soon).
  • On March 1st and 2nd I’ll be lecturing on State aid litigation, and on March 15th about the interface between competition law and IP.

So much for my good intentions (the above also means that my “sleep more” resolution is also done with…).

Fortunately, however, I have found a way to reconcile work and spending time with my son 😉

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

14 January 2016 at 11:41 am

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  1. At least your other obligations do not affect other work: congratulations for an awesome performance at the oral hearing today!

    Tom Cruise

    20 January 2016 at 3:32 pm

  2. […] is key to prevent heart disease, even to those (including Alfonso and myself) who enjoy a burger at Five Guys. Those with a history of cardiovascular problems, or those who want to prevent them might find it a […]

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