Relaxing whilst doing Competition Law is not an Oxymoron

More on the notion of restriction of competition 

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We have just been notified that after only 3 weeks our joint piece on “The notion of restriction of competition” is the most downloaded recent paper in competition/antitrust law and has made it to the Top 10 of SSRN downloaded papers for all of the following categories:

Economics Research Network Top Ten, Antitrust & Regulated Industries eJournals Top Ten, Antitrust: Antitrust Law & Policy eJournal Top Ten, ERN: Antitrust (European) (Topic) Top Ten, European Economics eJournals Top Ten, Economics Research Top Ten, European Economics: Microeconomics & Industrial Organization eJournal Top Ten, European Private & Public Law eJournals Top Ten, European Public Law: EU eJournal Top Ten, LSN: Mergers (Topic) Top Ten, Law & Society eJournals Top Ten, Law & Society: Public Law – Antitrust eJournal Top Ten, Law & Society: Public Law eJournals Top Ten, Law, International Affairs & CSR eJournal Top Ten, SRPN Subject Matter eJournals Top Ten, SRPN: International Affairs Issues (Topic) Top Ten, Social Responsibility of Business eJournals Top Ten and Sustainability Research & Policy Network Top Ten.

Three comments: (i) Pablo is the one deserving most of the credit for this; (ii) Pablo still thinks that I deprived the article of enough publicity by focusing our recent posts on our upcoming conference, so this post is a way of compensating that; (iii) Kevin Coates also wants to take credit for the surge in downloads given that he recommended the piece at a conference in Poland, but since he is now a competitor I won’t give him any 😉

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

27 October 2016 at 10:39 am

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