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New Book: Private Power, Online Information Flows and EU Law – Mind The Gap, by Angela Daly

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I was delighted to receive, a few days ago, a review copy of Angela Daly’s Private Power, Online Information Flows and EU Law – Mind The Gap. Angela is currently ‎Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow at Queensland University of Technology. She has been in Australia for a while, but did her PhD at the European University Institute, where we overlapped for some time.

I remember vividly our first meeting a few weeks after she arrived to Florence, where we exchanged ideas about her project and our common interest in the regulation of the media and, in general, of digital technologies. It is wonderful that the work she started at the time can now be enjoyed as a book. I really look forward to reading it, no less because her views are not always in line with mine.

Angela will be presenting her book in London on Tuesday of next week, and our friend Orla Lynskey will be one of the discussants. It is a pity that Alfonso and I will be missing what promises to be a great event. All the best to the two!

Written by Pablo Ibanez Colomo

27 January 2017 at 11:02 am

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