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Antitrust Spring Meeting in Madrid (10 March)

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It can hardly get better. This year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the competition law course that Luis Ortiz Blanco and I co-direct in Madrid (I was first involved in its 10th edition, as a student), and we wanted to do something special to commemorate it. And what we will be doing is bringing the Spring Meeting to Madrid, or sort of (and giving you a perfect excuse for a deductible getaway that does not involve travelling to D.C.)

On the 10th of March we will be hosting a seminar to discuss 20 years of case law in competition law with a truly stellar line-up of speakers including the current US Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust (Renata Hesse, appointed by Barack Obama, sigh…), the Commission’s Deputy Director General for Antitrust (Cecilio Madero, who is among the very few having participated in all 20 editions of the course), the ECJ Judge (Andreas O’Keefe) who wrote, among many others, Cartes Bancaires and Mastercard which have been recurrent themes in this blog, some of the Commission’s officials most closely connected to the most important cases in recent years (namely Nick Banasevic from DG Comp and Nicholas Khan and Eric Gippini from the Legal Service), Milan Kristof as representative of the ECJ référandaires behind the big cases, academic/blogosphere stars (like our very own Pablo and Jesús Alfaro), a selection of the new generation of top-notch Spanish economists and lawyers (Susana Cabrera, Elena Zoido and Alfonso Gutiérrez) and the most-up-to-date person in competition law and future literary star Lewis Crofts.

An overview of 20 years of competition case law

Introduction: Luis Ortiz Blanco and Alfonso Lamadrid

15.30-16.40- Cartels and other anticompetitive agreements: Alfonso Lamadrid (moderator), Andreas O’Keefe (former Judge at the European Court of Justice), Nicholas Khan (Legal Service, European Commission), Jesús Alfaro (Professor of Law, Universidad Autómoma and Linklaters).

16.40-18- Unilateral conduct: Milan Kristof (Référendaire, ECJ; moderator), Pablo Ibañez (LSE and College of Europe), Nick Banasevic (Head of Unit, DG Comp, European Commission), Eric Gippini-Fournier (Legal Service, European Commission).

18.20-19.30 –Merger control: Lewis Crofts (Chief Correspondent, MLex; moderator), Susana Cabrera (Partner, Garrigues), Elena Zoido (Senior Vice-President, Compass Lexecon), Alfonso Gutierrez (Partner, Uría Menéndez).

19.30- Closing keynotes: Renata Hesse (Acting Deputy Attorney General for Antitrust, US Department of Justice) and Cecilio Madero (Deputy Director General, DG Comp).


For further information, click here: An overview of 20 years of case law (10 March 2017)

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15 February 2017 at 12:43 pm

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