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Materials from the Chillin’Competition conference

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We had a very good time at the conference last week thanks to all the attendees, to the speakers,  to the sponsors, to our friends from We Exist (who made it to Commissioner Vestager’s Twitter account; see here) and thanks also to the wine tasting at the end.  The Commissioner delivered a great speech, was open to all sorts of questions and also teased us online about our long hashtag – we are Twitter novices…-,  admittedly, that was the least she could do considering that I had faked one of her tweets in my intro; see here.

It was a full day of interesting ideas (some of which are seldom voiced out) and nice people.  The only regrettable incidents were some isolated fights for the Ryan Gosling meme mugs…

In the coming days we will post here a photo gallery, videos of some sessions and guest posts from speakers.

For the time being, below are most of the presentations used at the conference. Philip Marsden’s and Mark Powell’s  much-taked-about masterpiece slide decks are not included, but you will see videos of their much-talked-about presentations.

Chillling Competition 2017- Introduction (A. Lamadrid)

 Chilling Competition 2017_Competition Law Everywhere 

Chillin Competition 2017- The Real Centre Stage

ChillinCompetition 2017-Antitrust as an Endangered Practice (A.Winckler)

Chilling Competition 2017- Blockchain – the next great disruptor_ (P. Karolczyk)

Chilling Competition 2017- Connected Cars (G De Stefano)

Chilling Competition 2017- Conglomerate Mergers (L. Crocco)

Chilling Competition 2017- Intel Back to the Future (J.Schindler)

Chillin Competition 2018- Brexit (N. Gracia)


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30 October 2017 at 7:26 pm

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