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End-of-year presents from JECLAP

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As the year comes to an end, I am reminded that it has been a remarkable year also for the Journal of European Competition Law & Practice (JECLAP). I am proud to be a Joint General Editor of the Journal together with Gianni De Stefano.

And as I was thinking of JECLAP’s remarkable year, I realised that I had not shared on the blog some materials that best reflect what has been going on. So why not close the year with some materials.

We had an anniversary conference back in October, where we were surrounded by past authors and editors. It was the high-level event we were hoping to have.

First we had a session on cartels (with Eric Barbier de la Serre, Paula Ramada and Marisa Tierno Centella). The three presentations used can be found here.

We then had a session on abuses where I had the privilege to be joined by Article 102 TFEU greats, Giorgio Monti and Ekaterina Rousseva. Here you will find the presentation I used.

The session on procedural and institutional matters was led by three JECLAP editors and former editors (Mark English, Andriani Kalintiri and Paul Nihoul). This is Andriani’s PPT on presumptions.

The event was closed by a dialogue between Pascale Dechamps, Giulio Federico and Lars Wiethaus. It was short on presentations, but I still think of it as probably the most dynamic and insightful panel of 2019. Thanks all three!

And a few weeks ago, the proceedings of the 1st Ithaca Competition Summit came out as a Special Issue of the Journal (see here). The authors of the lead articles? Marc van der Woude, Max Kadar, Cani Fernandez, Eliana Garces, Jorge Padilla, Martin Cave, Katerina Maniadaki and Gönenç Gürkaynak. And it comes with a Foreword by Lefkothea Nteka. It rarely ever gets much better than this! By the way, my Legal Tests in EU Competition Law came out in this issue.

Enjoy the celebrations! We will Chill as usual in 2020.


Written by Pablo Ibanez Colomo

31 December 2019 at 7:47 pm

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