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2020 Competition Memes Competition

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If you thought nothing else bad could happen in 2020, well… you were wrong. We thought a bit of humor could do us all well, and if there is one good thing about the competition field, it is that it offers plenty of opportunities to laugh about ourselves.

So… following the success of our 2016 competition memes contest and of our 2018 classical memes competition, we are now launching the 2020 Competition Memes Competition. It will feature some of the worst jokes you have ever seen.

We have assembled a team of reputed specialized journalists with vast experience in bad jokes to serve on the Jury, namely Lewis Crofts (Mlex), Foo Yun Chee (Reuters), Javier Espinoza (Financial Times), Thibault Larger (Politico) and Aoife White (Bloomberg).

Candidate submissions can include memes, gifs, classical memes, captions, or pretty much any other blog-friendly format that you please. You can send your contributions to

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing on the blog a selection of the best memes received. We will announce the winners by 17 December.

Below you can find the first batch, just to get the ball rolling:

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

19 November 2020 at 4:14 pm

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