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Announcing the Winner and Finalists of Chillin’Competition’s 2nd Rubén Perea Award

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On 1 April 2020 we lost Rubén Perea, a truly extraordinary young man who was about to start a career in competition law. We decided to set up an award to honour his memory, and to recognize the work of other promising competition lawyers/economists under 30. Today we are announcing the winner and runners-up of the 2nd edition of this award.

The winner of the 2nd (2021) edition of the Rubén Perea Award is JÉSSICA NEMETH, for her paper “Blockchain, Behavioral Remedies and Merger Control: How can access remedies do better?”.

Lass Tuesday Jessica and the winner of the first edition (Vladya Reverdin) received their awards from EVP Vestager, who very kindly accepted to give out the awards at her offices:

The jury also selected 4 finalists whose papers will be published in a special JECLAP issue. The finalists are:

-“Firm’s own price elasticity of demand in dominant position analysis” (by Jan Kupcik)

-“Trading Off the Orchard for an Apple: the iOS 14.5 privacy update” (by Alba Ribera)

-“Is ‘‘more’’ better? Broadening the right to sue in competition damages claims in both sides of the Atlantic” (by Grigorios Bacharis)

-“Should the New Competition Tool be put back on the table to remedy algorithmic tacit collusion?” (by Vasileios Tsoukalas)

Congratulations to Jessica, Alba, Jan, Grigorios and Vasileios, and many thanks to my fellow members of the jury, namely Damien Gerard, Lena Hornkohl, David Pérez de Lamo, Michele Piergiovanni and Gianni De Stefano.

We will soon be announcing the 3rd edition of the Rubén Perea Award. Stay tuned!

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

24 March 2022 at 8:01 pm

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