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OUT NOW: Special Issue on Google Shopping in JECLAP

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On behalf of JECLAP‘s editorial team, I am proud to announce the publication of the Special Issue dedicated to the General Court’s ruling in Google Shopping.

You can be access it here. Choosing the pieces was not an easy task (we received over 30 submissions in no time), but we could not be more delighted about the end-product.

The contributions are invariably thoughtful and approach the judgment from different angles (some more practical, other more theory-minded). As an editorial team, we are particularly happy that this Special Issue provides a platform to new voices in academia and the world of practice (we are convinced they will become household names in the near future).

If you are curious, below is a glimpse of what the Special Issue offers (I will be discussing some pieces in closer detail in the coming weeks). If (for reasons beyond comprehension) you or your institution are not yet subscribed to JECLAP, you will be pleased to see that some contributions are available in Open Access format.

Enjoy and do not hesitate to contact us and/or the authors with any comments!

Rules, Discretion, and Reasoning According to Law: A Dynamic-Positivist Perspective on Google Shopping (open access), by Justin Lindeboom (Groningen).

The General Court’s Google Shopping Judgment Finetuning the Legal Qualifications and Tests for Platform Abuse, by Friso Bostoen (Leuven).

Bronner revisited: Google Shopping and the Resurrection of Discrimination Under Article 102 TFEU, by Christian Ahlborn, Gerwin Van Gerven and Will Leslie (Linklaters).

Article 102 TFEU, Equal Treatment and Discrimination after Google Shopping, by Lena Hornkohl (Max Planck Institute Luxembourg).

Anticompetitive Effects and Allocation of the Burden of Proof in Article 102 Cases: Lessons from the Google Shopping Case, by Raffaele Di Giovanni Bezzi (European Commission).

Google Shopping and the As-Efficient-Competitor Test: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead (open access), by Germain Gaudin (Freiburg) and Despoina Mantzari (University College London).

Business Models and Incentives: For an Effects-Based Approach of Self-Preferencing?, by Patrice Bougette (Côte d’Azur), Axel Gautier (Liège) and Frédéric Marty (Côte d’Azur).

Between Substance and Autonomy: Finding Legal Certainty in Google Shopping (open access), by Yasmine Bouzoraa (Groningen).

Following the Google Shopping Judgment, Should We Expect a Private Enforcement Action?, by Jeanne Mouton (Côte d’Azur and College of Europe) and Lewis Reed (College of Europe).

Written by Pablo Ibanez Colomo

6 April 2022 at 3:06 pm

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