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Announcing the Winner and Finalists of Chillin’Competition’s 3rd Rubén Perea Award

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On 1 April 2020 we lost Rubén Perea, a truly extraordinary young man who was about to start a career in competition law. We decided to set up an award to honour his memory, and to recognize the work of other promising competition lawyers/economists under 30. EVP Vestager kindly agreed to deliver this Award.

Today we are announcing the winner and runners-up of the Award’s 3rd edition. And…

the Rubén Perea Award goes to: JEREOME DE COOMAN, for his paper “Outsmarting Pac-Man with Artificial Intelligence, or Why AI-Driven Cartel Screening is not a Silver Bullet“. 

The jury also selected 4 finalists whose papers will be published in a special JECLAP issue. The finalists are:

  • Assessing the world’s largest gaming acquisition under EU competition law, by Fabian Ziermann)
  • SEP licensing in the value chain: Does Art. 102 TFEU require license-to-all?”, by Lukas von Brasch)
  • The Liability of Corporate Groups for Violation of EU Competition Law” (by Marco Pasqua)

Congratulations to the recipients of the award!

Many thanks also to my fellow members of the jury (Gianni de Stefano, Lena Hornkohl, Michele Piergovanni, Damien Gerard and David Pérez de Lamo).

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

1 March 2023 at 1:30 pm

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