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2009 Worst Antitrust Law Development Prize

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With the awards season coming to a close, it is perfect timing to introduce the prize for the worst antitrust law development of the year. For the first time this year, this prize will reward a ruling, article, speech, career-move, research issue, policy initiative, or any other thing that has  been undertaken, said or written that is stupid, infamous, crazy.

The prize will be awarded by the end of December 2009. Please refer to me anything that could qualify for it. I will keep all the info absolutely confidential, and will set up a jury of lawyers to award the prize (Alfonso and myself will be part of it). If you’d like to join, please let me know.

To give you an example: in 2005, a Dutch judge stated in 2005 that the Commission had exclusive competence to exempt an agreement under Article 81(3) EC  (Rechtbank Zwolle-Lelystad, 4 April 2005, case n° 106345 / KG ZA 05-92, Walstock / Polar Electro). Surely, a strong candidate for this prize, had it been awarded in 2005.

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Written by Nicolas Petit

19 October 2009 at 12:05 pm

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