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I made it

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The above picture is proof that I eventually attended the expensive conference which triggered a post on price discrimination two days ago

And guess what: I made it for free :)… I  belong to the happy few who got a free pass from a very important institutional player in the field (not a law firm).

More seriously, I understand my benefactor shares my concerns on (i) the pricing of such conferences; and (ii) on the necessity to entitle the little number of academics active in the field to participate to such events.

Now a teaser: the next big issue in the merger area relates to minority shareholdings.  Is there a gap in the EUMR, and should it be closed? Commissioner Almunia referred to this issue in his speech, and I trust the Commission will start to do some thinking on this in coming months.

Many thanks again to my colleagues who helped me get a free ticket.

Written by Nicolas Petit

10 March 2011 at 7:32 pm

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