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ULg – New Full English Version of the LL.M. in EU Competition and IP Law

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To many people, Liege is an old industrial city which has little to offer.

But Liège has a great geographical position. It is just a 100 kms away from Brussels. Thanks to this, it is close from many brainy competition (and IP) professionals. This is what prompted my predecessor Prof. Geradin to create a bilingual LLM in EU Competition and IP law.

Now that we have a 8 years track record, I think I can modestly pretend – pardon the bias – that we have the best, and most likely the cheapest –  several hundred  € – LL.M in competition (and IP) law of Europe :).

Obviously there’s a downside with cheap tuition fees: little money for my research centre. But there’s a big upside: in Liege, we are not bound to award degrees to poor LL.M students that should be failed. Put differently, our evaluation process is not influenced by the risk of losing money out of a decrease in prospective applications  [on second thoughts, it may not be good advertisement to say publicly that we fail students: we do not fail that many].

Now, our LL.M has been increasingly successful in the past years, attracting students from everywhere in Europe and outside (Peru, China, Russia, etc.). I trust the many conferences we organize in Brussels and the opportunities for publication in e-competitions are interesting for prospective students.

This year, we’ll open a full-english version of the LL.M programme. It will be opened to students from far-away countries, who have no background and no professional interest in the French language.  The programme of this English-based LL.M can be found hereafter.

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Written by Nicolas Petit

30 March 2011 at 7:00 am

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