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ULg – New Full English Version of the LL.M. in EU Competition and IP Law

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To many people, Liege is an old industrial city which has little to offer.

But Liège has a great geographical position. It is just a 100 kms away from Brussels. Thanks to this, it is close from many brainy competition (and IP) professionals. This is what prompted my predecessor Prof. Geradin to create a bilingual LLM in EU Competition and IP law.

Now that we have a 8 years track record, I think I can modestly pretend – pardon the bias – that we have the best, and most likely the cheapest –  several hundred  € – LL.M in competition (and IP) law of Europe :).

Obviously there’s a downside with cheap tuition fees: little money for my research centre. But there’s a big upside: in Liege, we are not bound to award degrees to poor LL.M students that should be failed. Put differently, our evaluation process is not influenced by the risk of losing money out of a decrease in prospective applications  [on second thoughts, it may not be good advertisement to say publicly that we fail students: we do not fail that many].

Now, our LL.M has been increasingly successful in the past years, attracting students from everywhere in Europe and outside (Peru, China, Russia, etc.). I trust the many conferences we organize in Brussels and the opportunities for publication in e-competitions are interesting for prospective students.

This year, we’ll open a full-english version of the LL.M programme. It will be opened to students from far-away countries, who have no background and no professional interest in the French language.  The programme of this English-based LL.M can be found hereafter.

Compulsory Courses:

– Droit européen de la concurrence 60h – Nicolas Petit (ULg) or Advanced European Competition Law (30h + exercices)

– Patents (exercises included) 30h – K. Roox  (Crowell and Moring)

– Droit d’auteur et nouvelles technologies 45h – Alain Strowel (Covington & Burling, FUSL, ULg) or The law and economics of copyrights (with P. Belleflamme) (15h + exercises)

– Trade related aspects of intellectual property rights in the EU and the WTO 30h – Daniel Gervais (Vanderbilt University) et Norman Neyrinck (ULg)

– Trademarks 30h – [TBA]

– Intellectual Property and Competition Law  30h – David Hull (Covington & Burling) et Alain Strowel

– Questions spéciales en droit européen de la concurrence 15h – Jean-Yves Art (Microsoft) et Jean-François Bellis (Van Bael & Bellis) – or Selected issues of EU competition law (Dissertation)

-Legal Writing Seminary 15h – Andrew Fine

– Aspects économiques du droit et de la concurrence 30h – Nicolas Petit

– Droit des aides de l’Etat 30h – Jacques Derenne (Lovells) – or The Law and Economics of anticompetitive State aid

Options  – Competition law (one course to be chosen amongst the two following subjects)

  • EU Competition Procedure and Institutions Nicolas Petit
  • Case Studies in EU Competition Law Luc Gyselen (Arnold & Porter)

Options – IP Law (Two courses to be chosen amongst the three following subjects)

  • The Legal Protection of Designs and Models 10h Charles-Henry Massa (ULg)
  • Droit des médias 10h François Jongen (UCL)
  • IP Enforcement 10h Christof Karl (Pagenberg)

Compulsory Seminars for 2009-2011

  • The law of geographical indications, quality labelling and certification – E. De Gryse (Simon Braun)
  • Unfair Competition Law – A Kamperman Sanders (University of Maastricht)
  • IP protection for biotechnologies and other technologies – S. Bostijn (University of Amsterdam)
  • Related rights – F. Brison (Howrey and KUB)
  • Introduction to Belgian Competition Law – C. Verdonck (Altius)
  • Intellectual property and innovation technologies management – JF Serrier (Solvay)
  • The Regulation of counterfeited goods – R. Munoz (European Commission and ULg)
  • Introduction to US Antitrust Law – D. Hull
  • Selected questions of private international law in relation to intellectual property rights – P. Wautelet (ULg)
  • Pharmaceutical industry – O. Lemaire (Glaxo)
  • WTO Law – Intellectual Property and Competition Issues – D. Luff (Luff and Appleton)

Written by Nicolas Petit

30 March 2011 at 7:00 am

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  1. Dear Nicolas,

    I have to admit I was checking this programme few times last three years I am living in BXL. However, I am not sure my FR is at the level I would be able to seriously study.

    Now as I understand there will be programme in EN only. I cannot find any info on it and I would say deadlines for enrolment are quickly approaching. Could you maybe help me bit more with info or at least sources?

    At the same time, is it possible to do this programme while working full time?

    Thank you!




    18 July 2011 at 10:29 am

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