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RE: Information exchange=cartel?

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Some days ago I wrote a post on the change of approach towards exchanges of information set out in the new EU horizontal guidelines, in which I challenged the assertion that this practices should (or could) be equated to cartels (an assertion which, as I see it, has come out of the blue) and expressed my concern over the possibility that the statements made by the Commission in that document could be interpreted in a excessively wild wide manner by overzealous enforcers.

Since then, I have received various comments on that post. Since we´ve always liked the idea of fostering as much interaction as possible on this blog and most of those comments are not visible here, I´ve decided to provide an overview of what some of them said (other must be kept confidential) and, where necessary, to reply to some of the questions they raise.  I have checked with their authors and have only mentioned their names where theu have given their express consent.

This will be lengthy, so, if interested, click here to keep reading.

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Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

29 March 2011 at 8:17 pm