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Brussels School of Competition – Materials of Conference on Information Exchange

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Yesterday, the Brussels School of Competition held its first conference. This inaugural event was devoted to information exchange agreements.

Unlike other events, we tried to avoid having another Horizontal Guidelines’ bashing conference.

Rather, and in line with the BSC’s second mission (compliance), the conference sought to improve awareness of the key principles applicable to information exchanges.

To this end, we designed a very comprehensive programme, which covered horizontal as well as vertical exchange of information. We also included a presentation on information exchanges promoted by public institutions.

I am certainly biased, but the conference was really good. Loads of questions, great presentations, good timing, nice turnout (approximately 80 participants).

So you can judge by yourself, I attach below the speakers’ slides.

Slides – Frank Wijckmans – Information Exchange through Intermediaries

Slides – Frederic Puel – Government Sponsored Exchange of Information

Slides – Lars Kjolbye – Information Exchange – Dos and Donts

Slides – Cormac O’Daly – Information Exchange through Competitor Contacts

Written by Nicolas Petit

23 June 2011 at 8:38 pm

Posted in Events

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