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Our second birthday!

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On 20 October 2009,  Chillin´Competition opened for business.

In the two years that have gone by since then, this blog has taken up a considerable part of our “free time”, but it has taught us a lot and it has rewarded us with a great deal of  satisfaction as it has introduced us to many new  friends and opportunities.  As we replied in an email to one of you last week, as most parents we´re very proud of our baby, but we are ambitious parents and we want it to get better and better in every possible way.

One year ago, we confessed to be “frankly surprised by the reach of this tool” because we´d had nearly 70.000 visits and an average of 350 visits a day.    As of today, we´ve had 177.000 visits and our daily average has constantly increased to the extent that this week we´ve had over 1 , 000 visits a day. Over 450 of you receive our daily posts via subscriptions or via our LinkedIn group.  

Over the lifetime of the blog, we have been lucky enough to receive some really excellent input, from both guest contributors and from you in the form of your comments.  

W hen we stated out, we couldn’t have imagined the interest that Chillin’ Competition would generate. Thanks so much!!  

Nicolas & Alfonso

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

21 October 2011 at 1:29 pm

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