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  • Wouter Wils has a new paper on recidivism. I understand it will appear in World Competition. A question: Does Wouter have an exclusive supply agreement with Kluwer?;
  • At the GCLC we are DESPERATELY looking for a Commission official to come present the best practices on the conduct of proceedings in antitrust cases (101 and 102 TFEU) at a forthcoming lunch talk;
  • I gave a presentation on standardisation agreements, IP and competition law. See link thereafter for the ppt. Droit des brevets et droit de la concurrence – Accords de normalisation A paper is in the making;
  • A good New Yorker paper on why the current laudative discourse on small business is misguided;
  • And a rumination/question: what makes it that in some markets, the supplier pays for distribution (publisher-search engines, airlines-travel agents), and in other markets, the supplier sells to distributors (consumer goods-supermarkets)?

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9 November 2011 at 8:18 pm

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