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Do economists do it with models?

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Things are busy at work, and I just remembered that I told Nicolas I would take care of posting something today. When such things happen we generally resort to either (a) announcing a conference; or (b) posting a quick joke. 

In this case, if I had chosen a) the post would´ve looked too short; but if I´d chosen b) I would be missing an opportunity for self promotion to announce an interesting event. Solution: let´s do both:

(a) Conference announcement: As anticipated last week, Giorgio Monti has put together a most interesting workshop that will be held next Tuesday (6 December) at the European University Institute.  The program -which features Giorgio Monti (EUI), Saskia King (LSE), Luis Ortiz Blanco (Garrigues), Eric Gippini-Fournier (European Commission´s Legal Service) and myself- is available here: What is happening to Article 101 TFEU? 

(b) Joke of the day: Economists don´t do it with models. The picture above (which I first saw in a ppp by Fréderic Jenny at Fordham last September) stands for the proposition that economists do it with models “because there´s no shortage of demand for the curves that they supply“.

Nonetheless, as you all know, economic theory can be used to defend one thing and its contrary. That is why there´s  an alternative economic theory that explains why economists don´t do it with models. If you want to know about it, click here.

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

28 November 2011 at 9:47 pm

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