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From theory to practice

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In the antitrust field, Prof. Barry Nalebuff will remain to posterity  for being the one guy who challenged the caricatural Chicago view that there can be no exclusionary bundling (the “single monopoly profit” theorem).

But beyond this, he may also remain to posterity as being one of the founders of Honest Tea.

Turning business theory to practice, Barry Nalebuff co-founded a company that “creates and promotes delicious, truly healthy, organic beverages” (sic!).

Apparently, the idea came out of “a class discussion that involved a Coke vs. Pepsi case study“. And since then, they have achieved a truly impressive penetration on a market usually depicted as a fortress, given high barriers to entry.

With this background, Alfonso and I are currently contemplating a potential move on a  less healthy, but equally delicious market segment of the drinks industry.

Very many thanks to my LLM student Stéphanie de Smedt for the pointer.

Written by Nicolas Petit

24 November 2011 at 8:47 am