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A Thank You Note

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This weekend we were sending out invitations to the next guests of The Friday Slot, and at one one point the issue of how many readers Chillin’Competition has came up. We checked our stats with a bit more detail than we normally do, and we were amazed at what we saw:

In almost every month of its existence (leaving aside the summer holidays and Christmas) Chillin’Competition has set new readership records.

Last week was important, because it was the first time that we consolidated the figure of 1,000 daily readers. Last week, people from 83 different countries (!) read 182 different posts. Belgium, with 1282, was the country of origin of most of these visits, followed by the UK, the U.S., Spain, France, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Italy.

Below is the map that wordpress shows us:


In February 2010 we recall thinking that maybe we had hit our ceiling (that month we had 4,993 readers). But in February 2011 we had 10,873; and then in February 2012 we had 14.994…

Throughout its history, Chillin’Competition has had 239,908 readers. Its LinkedIN group has 524 members, and more than 260 other people are directly suscribed to through our homepage.

We are thrilled.

Thank you!!

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

12 March 2012 at 7:59 pm

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