Relaxing whilst doing Competition Law is not an Oxymoron

White Russian

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Photographed yesterday, in Moscow’s metro. I know, I am a real antitrust geek…

Now, more seriously, I am spending the week in white Russia – it has been heavily snowing here – where I teach a course on competition law at MGIMO university. This is the third year I do this. Again, it is a very pleasant experience. I am very impressed by the level of the students.

Teaching EU competition law outside Europe requires some adaptations, in particular when it comes to give  examples. I thus did my homework to get acquainted with the names of (i) national telco incumbent and of the big supermarket chains; (ii) the basic structure of Russian competition law; (iii)  the Customs Union between Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

A final thing. I made a presentation at Deloitte and Touche Moscow yesterday on recent developments in EU competition law (see link to the ppt below). It is a rather basic presentation. I have to make a similar presentation in several law firms in Brussels in the upcoming months, but I intend to sophisticate it a little. If you have any comment/input/remarks that may help, please write to me.

Recent Developments in EU Competition Law – Deloitte (21 03 12) NP

PS: to avoid any misunderstanding, the title of this post is in relation to The Dude’s favorite drink…

Written by Nicolas Petit

22 March 2012 at 2:23 pm

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