Relaxing whilst doing Competition Law is not an Oxymoron

XVI Edition of the Competition Law Program at the IEB (Madrid)

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For 15 years now Luis Ortiz Blanco has been directing a top-notch competition law course in Madrid, which is actually where Nico and I first met.  I took this program as a student already 8 years ago, have lectured on it since then, and this year I’m starting to co-direct it together with Luis.

The line-up of more than 50 high-profile guest speakers who come every year from all over Europe to lecture in Madrid is a true Who’s Who of EU competition law experts. Moreover, the 115 hours of scheduled classes allow for a more detailed coverage than that offered by many other competition law courses on the market. About half of the course is lectured in English. Price wise the course is unbeatable: full registration is available for only 3,000 euros.

The final program for each module and seminar has yet to be confirmed, but the overall structure and dates have been set, so I’ve included the info below. Anyone interested can register both for the full program or just for specific module/s or seminar/s.  Anyone interested in more information can contact me at

The 2013 program will be structured as follows:

– An  inaugural/introductory session will take place on January 11.

– A module on cartels (coordinated by myself) will be held on January 14-16.

– A module on other restrictive agreements and practices (coordinated by Juan Andrés García Alonso; Peugeot) will take place on January 21-23.

– On February 1 there will be a seminar on recent developments in relation to Art. 101 (coordinated by Fernando Castillo de la Torre and Eric Gippini Fournier, both from the Legal Service of the European Commission).

– A module on abuse of dominance (coordinated by Alvaro Ramos; Legal Director at Cisco Systems) will be held on February 4-6.

A module on merger control (coordinated by Jerónimo Maíllo; San Pablo CEU University) will be held on February 11-13.

A seminar on competition law and regulation in network industries (coordinated by myself) will be held on February 18-20;

– A module on the application of competition and state aid rules to public entities (coordinated by José Luis Buendía; Partner at Garrigues) will take place on February 28- March 1.

A seminar on recent developments in abuse of dominance and merger control coordinated by Cecilio Madero (Deputy Director General for Antitrust at DG COMP), Nicholas Banasevic and Per Hellström (both Heads of Unit at DG COMP) will be held on March 8.

– A seminar on competition law and IP (coordinated by Álvaro Ramos; Legal Director at Cisco Systems) will take place on March 15.

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

20 September 2012 at 9:53 pm

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  1. I messed up Corrigendum: the earlier version of this post has been corrected due to an error in the dates mentioned. The current version is the right one.

    Alfonso Lamadrid

    26 September 2012 at 11:29 am

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