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This was an unusual week at the European Courts. First, as we anticipated some time ago, the ECJ was partially renovated. The Member States have reappointed Judges  Arabadjiev, Arestis, Berger, Bonichot, Fernlund, Jarasiunas, Levits, Malenovsky, Prechal and Von Danwitz as well as Advocate Generals Bot and Mengozzi.

The new faces at the ECJ will be Judge Da Cruz Villaça (replacing Cunha Rodrigues), Judge Vadja(replacing Schiemann), and AG Wathelet (replacing Masák). Nils Wahl (one of the good competition experts in Luxembourg) will have to remain at the General Court for a short period before swearing in as Advocate General (apparently the candidate proposed by Sweden to replace Judge Wahl was vetoed by the ‘Art. 255 Committee’).

The ECJ also held elections for President (Judge Skouris was re-elected), Vice President(Judge Lenaerts will be the first VicePresident in the history of the Court) and Presidents of Chambers (winners are: Tizzano; Silva de Lapuerta, Ilešič, Bay Larsen, and von Danwitz),

Here’s a video of the speeches pronounced that day at the Court (if you watch it, that means you’ve plenty of free time; we’re just saying  😉 ] Our highlight (as if we had watched the whole thing..)  is Judge Schiemann’s great and very funny farewell speech (starting in minute 31.20).

By the way, our next Friday Slot interview will feature a member of the General Court.  We’re sure you’ll love that one.

Have a great weekend!

Written by Alfonso Lamadrid

12 October 2012 at 6:46 pm

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  1. The real highligh is President’s Skouris’ phone ringing n the middle of his speech! 🙂 That’s approx in minute 01.20 of the video.


    12 October 2012 at 9:53 pm

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