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A post to be taken with a grain of salt.

There’s a Google Prize at the College of Europe.

It rewards the best thesis on “EU competition rules and policy relating to information technology“.

This prize was just awarded. Here’s what has been published on the College of Europe website:

GOOGLE Prize – Open to all students from the legal studies department or following the ELEA programme in Bruges.- Best thesis on “EU competition rules and policy relating to information technology”.- Prize of €2000. Procedure : all thesis titles are submitted to GOOGLE which selects the theses with relevant topics. An electronic version of the preselected theses which receive the minimum mark of 15/20 will be sent to GOOGLE at the beginning of June 2013.

Decision taken by GOOGLE.

CALDINI Giuditta (DR) (IT) Thesis title : “Commitment Decisions under Article 9 of Regulation 1/2003. Does the Shortcut Arrive at Destination?” Thesis supervisor : Prof. L. ORTIZ BLANCO

I guess it is fair to congratulate Giuditta (and Luis too BTW)  for the prize.

As for the rest, no comment…

Or maybe a comment: Google was again in the news yesterday. The concessions offered do not sufficiently meet the Commission’s concerns.  My two cents on this here.

Written by Nicolas Petit

19 July 2013 at 9:40 am

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