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An announcement: blog posts from Harvard Law School students

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I am currently enrolled in a great seminar on “Antitrust, Technology and Innovation” taught by Prof. Philip Malone at Harvard Law School.  As part of the requirements of the seminar, everyone attending it is supposed to write several posts on an internal blog only accessible to the rest of the class. Given that my classmates are a truly brilliant group of students, the discussions held in the blog have been extremely interesting. Accordingly, Nicolas and I thought that it would be very useful, particularly for our student-readers, to have access to these discussions and to be able to contribute with their own views.

Therefore, in the coming weeks, and in parallel with ordinary posting activity, we will be publishing here some of the posts written by HLS students on a number of selected issues, as well as follow-up comments by other members of the class.

Prof. Malone has kindly allowed us to include a reference to his terrific syllabus (really a great source of information) so that anyone interested will be able to better follow the discussions.

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7 April 2010 at 5:21 am

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