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Back to the Front

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Back from Moscow, an absolutely awesome place.

A number of puzzling things though:

  1. The density of Porsche, Lamborghinis and other sports cars is far higher than in rich western European countries;
  2. Prices for consumer goods are not lower than in western European countries;
  3. Most shops are opened overnight;
  4. Most dairy goods are imported from the West. In fact, besides Oil and Gas, Russia seems to be very dependent on imports from other economies. This is strange though, and I wonder why Russia keeps importing basic goods, incorporating little technology, rather than developping local production.
  5. Traffic in Moscow is horrendous. Their metro network, which dates back from Staline, has nothing to envy to the dirty London tube, or to the old Paris metro.

Now, besides this, a number of hot, burning news:

  • Registration for the IEJE’s Conference on the Reform of the New Framework for Electronic Communications is still open. The Conference will take place on 30 April. See here for more.
  • The 44th Lunch Talk of the GCLC, entitled “The Lisbon Treaty and the Future of EU Competition Policy”, will take place on 28 April at the Marriott Hotel in Brussels. Hereafter, the registration form Registration Form – 44th GCLC Lunch Talk – 28 April 2010
  • Antoine Masson received the Montesquieu Prize for the book he edited last year on the Legal Aspects of Firms’ Business Strategies. Congratulations!

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Written by Nicolas Petit

12 April 2010 at 8:39 am