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Quote of the Day

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Price mechanisms must be put in place to correct the market when it proves incapable of setting a socially acceptable energy price, while allowing private operators to make necessary investments in the network“.

And a question: at what level does a price become socially unacceptable?

My gut feeling: when the market fails to serve all those customers whose reservation price is superior to the producers’ costs. But I suspect the author of this quote to envision something else.

Found in J. DELORS’ foreword to “Towards a European Energy Community: A Policy Proposal” drafted by Sami ANDOURA, Leigh HANCHER and Marc VAN DER WOUDE. Congratulations to them for putting together such a creative, and potentially controversial, policy report. The text of the report can be found hereafter.


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Written by Nicolas Petit

14 April 2010 at 3:59 pm

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