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I proved most of my colleagues wrong. I have been working for 10 days on a Mac, as a temporary replacement for my good old PC.  Contrary to what they predicted, I did not fall in love with the Apple ecosystem. While using Apple’s OS and, more generally, this computer, I felt  like playing with a toy.  In addition, the protocols to launch apps and softwares are really counterintuitive.

So a piece of – personal – advice for lawyers in general, whose primary occupation is emailing and drafting documents: if you don’t care for design, but primarily for price, then don’t  succumb to this irrational, politically correct, Apple frenzy.

And now two questions to competition lawyers. Here in Belgium, most retailers charge similar prices for Apple products. Is the situation the same in other Member States? If so, may the source of this price rigidity hinge on some sort of RPM-like system?

Finally, check this out: DG COMP’s blockbuster on competition policy and the consumer. The computer brand used in the movie is a most unfortunate coincidence. Borrowing to the semantics of the movie industry, I’d be tempted to talk here of a Commission “exhibition” bias (thanks to Pierre Sabbadini for the pointer)…

PS: Thanks to Julie Clarke for the kind words on the computer crash.

PS2: I found the above picture just hilarious, and could not resist posting it.

PS3: The bias is a favourable one. In its past decisional activities, the Commission has seemed particularly friendly to Apple and particularly unfriendly to other software/computer developpers. Full disclosure: in my previous life as a practitioner, I have done a bit of work for a rival software developper.

Written by Nicolas Petit

27 April 2010 at 4:00 pm

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