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Market Definition Teasers

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Following Alberto Alemano’s comment a few days ago, I’d like to ask our readers to share possible ” market definition teasers“.

The concept covers funny AND intricate market definition examples. In other words, market definition illustrations which can be used with students approaching the issue for the first time.

Here are mine, centered on products placed on relevant markets with possibly fluctuating borders :

  • Coca-Cola & Pepsi & other drinks
  • Eurostar & Ferry & Airlines
  • Personal computers & Macs
  • Branded fragances v. non branded fragances
  • iPhones & other mobile phones
  • Inux & Windows
  • Theatrical movie distribution & DVD rental distribution
  • CD-recorded music & digital music files
  • Low costs carriers & flag carriers

PS: The picture above is taken from Puggy’s latest album. This LP – which includes a song entitled teaser – is terrific.

Written by Nicolas Petit

3 December 2010 at 1:37 pm