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We were the firsts to report on the replacement of N. Calvino and on the whole reshuffling of DG COMP a while ago.

We got a fresh hand on the draft horizontal guidelines, and provided some hints on their contents.

10 days ago, we were the ones to announce that the Commission is attempting to cook a cartel case on the exclusive basis of economic evidence.

Given our proven ability to chill competition on the market for breaking antitrust news, Alfonso and I have decided to formally start a ChillinLeaks column. We simply hope not to be accused of serious criminal offenses in Sweden.

Should you wish to contribute to the free flow of AT-related information, and send us revelations and stories for disclosure on this blog, please note that we apply the highest standard of confidentiality to our sources. You may also reach us by phone, should you prefer this communications means.

To inaugurate this new column, here’s the big news (still unofficial):

Kai-Uwe Kühn (University of Michigan) will be the next Chief Economist of DG COMP, and will replace D. Neven who’s supposed to step down shortly. Kühn is a specialist of collusion, collective dominance and hi-tech industries (read Microsoft and interoperability issues). He has consulted, if our information is correct, for CRA International. He holds a Phd in economics from Oxford University. Congrats to him.

 Alfonso and Nicolas

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Written by Nicolas Petit

9 December 2010 at 3:52 pm