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New paper on ssrn

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Here’s a link to a new paper which I just finalized with my good friend David Henry (Howrey). The paper will appear in the book on vertical restraints that I am currently editing with Charles Gheur, as a follow up to our conference last year. 

Its main added value is, I believe, to offer a stepwise method to self-assess vertical agreements. Beyond this, the paper offers a few critical perspectives on selected issues. It contends in particular that (i) the double market share threshold is certainly a nice idea on paper, but that it does not pass the practicability test, especially for small firms involved in vertical agreeements; (ii) the new framework marks a clear extension of the scope of EU competition law, in particular because it turns buyer power upside down (from a pro-competitive factor to an anticompetitive one).

Finally, I cannot resist to share a moment of happiness with you. I learned today that Anne Perrot and Jean-François Bellis will use my paper on the effects based approach under Article 102 TFEU as suggested reading for their forthcoming BSC module.

Written by Nicolas Petit

13 December 2010 at 11:56 pm