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Early Sunday Quote

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Ronald Coase once said:

“One important result of this preoccupation with the monopoly problem is that if an economist finds something—a business practice of one sort or other—that he does not understand, he looks for a monopoly explanation. And as in this field we are very ignorant, the number of ununderstandable practices tends to be very large, and the reliance on a monopoly explanation, frequent.”

A quote worth ruminating, in light of the increased interest of antitrust agencies’ for unilateral conduct in dynamic industries.

Found on TOTM. The real source is Ronald H. Coase, “Industrial Organization: A Proposal for Research,” in Victor Fuchs, ed., Policy Issues and Research Issues in Industrial Organization (New York, NY: National Bureau of Economic Research, 1972), p. 69.

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19 December 2010 at 3:58 pm

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